Welcome to SBARA!

South Bay Amateur Radio Association (SBARA), was formed in 1976 to cater to the amateur radio communities in the Fremont, Newark and Union City in the East Bay. 

The club welcomes people of all ages interested in Amateur Radio and helps them become licensed operators to enjoy the hobby first hand. The club conducts regular monthly meetings, and invites a guest speaker to give a talk and discuss interesting projects. Every year SBARA participates in the ARRL Field Day, inviting everyone to join in the fun. Let us help you discover and enjoy the Radio Sport !

SBARA Flea Market

There are a lot of images of items for sale at this link. The proceedings will go to the club.

Please let AE6YN know in case you're interested in any of the items. If you are, then:

  • Please look up the list price of the item you are interested in. For ham gear, a good source is eham.net.
  • If you're a SBARA member in good standing, please offer half that price.
  • If you aren't, please offer three quarters of that price.
  • If an item attracts more than one offer, then we will auction it off.

There are already several offers which will be fulfilled pretty soon. So, rush in your request!

Bernhard AE6YN, SBARA Flea Market Maintainer

click for AE6YN's email address