SBARA Club Membership

Welcome to SBARA Membership. You may join or renew your annual membersahip in one of two ways -
(a) on-line in a matter of minutes, or
(b) download and submit the membership form (see "SBARA Membership Form Download" below).

Join / Renew SBARA Membership / Order Badges - On-Line

You can join/renew your club membership or order badges conveniently on-line in minutes, no more looking for envelopes and licking stamps... mobile devices like tablets, ipads, and smart phones are also supported. Payments will be processed securely via the PayPal account of SBARA.

Renewing Members CLICK HERE

New Members CLICK HERE

SBARA Membership Form Download

If you prefer, you may download a copy of the Membership Form, and mail it in or bring to our next club meeting. Click the link below to download the form.

SBARA Membership Form Download

Don't forget to join in on the conversations at the SBARAHAMS at
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Affiliated ARRL Club Commission Membership Program

ARRL Affiliated Clubs receive a small commission for every new ARRL membership and renewal they submit to ARRL Headquarters. Under the ARRL Club Commission Membership Recruitment Program, clubs retain $15 for each NEW membership and $2 for each renewal submitted (regular and senior memberships only). A NEW MEMBER is defined as any individual who has never been a member of ARRL or any individual who has not retained a membership for two or more calendar years prior to the application submission. A RENEWING MEMBER can renew at anytime, even before their current membership term expires.

You may also let SBARA help you submit your membership application to Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL). Just download one of the forms below for 'ARRL Member' or 'ARRL Life Member', fill it out and mail it along with your SBARA membership form with your check to SBARA. SBARA will submit your application to the ARRL and that way receive the club commission.

Mailing Address: SBARA, PO BOX 8401, Fremont, CA 94537-8401.

ARRL Membership Forms:
ARRL Member Application Form
ARRL Life Member Application Form